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     A, the talent concept of an angle:

    Talent is the capital of an enterprise, and talent is the most precious asset. The door of the company is open to all those who aspire to the connector business.

    The company's employment standards are: innovative and enterprising spirit.

    The competition mechanism of the company is: the able person, the peace maker, the mediocre person. Talent idea

    The company is doing everything it can to make people fit for their positions and fit for them.

    The company not only treats people to stay, but also prefers to retain people through their careers.

    Welfare Introduction:

    Five hours eight hours working system, exceeding normal working hours, and pay overtime wages according to labor law.

    Statutory five risks and commercial insurance.

    The company provides various forms of training, including staff self application training, overseas training and so on.

    Department monthly team activities, 1-2 times a year, all staff travel.

    Free working meals, shuttle bus, and mobile phone and home broadband network according to work needs.

    Paid vacation.
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