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    Fire drill &amp; chemical leakage drill in December 2019

    Date of release:2019-12-18 12:50   Browse volume:
    In order to test the effectiveness of the emergency plan, train the team, break in the mechanism, publicize the emergency knowledge, enhance the emergency awareness, improve the emergency response ability for emergencies, avoid or reduce casualties and property losses, our office plans to carry out the emergency evacuation drill &amp; chemical leakage drill in the second half of 2019 on Thursday, and the specific matters are notified as follows:

    I. contents of fire drill:
    1. Initial fire fighting, control, fire site coordination and command drill;
    2. Evacuation guidance drill of fire site personnel;
    3. On site fire fighting drill of fire-fighting equipment;
    4. Fire accident treatment education and drill summary.
    II. Escape drill
    Evacuation guidance drill

    III. on site fire fighting drill (volunteer firefighter) - place: basketball court

    IV. dangerous chemicals leakage handling drill - place: basketball court

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