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    Classification of connectors

    Date of release:2018-09-06 17:04   Browse volume:
    The type designation of connectors is the basis for customer procurement and manufacturer's organization and production. In the connector industry at home and abroad, there are two ways of product model naming: one is to use alphabetic code plus digital method, and strive to reflect the main structural characteristics of the product in the model naming. The advantage of this approach is that it's easy to identify, but the arrangement is too long and complex, and with the miniaturization of the connector, it's difficult to print. At present, this method is still popular in China, and has been stipulated in some industry standards and even national standards, such as SJ2298-83 (printed circuit connector), SJ2297-83 (rectangular connector), SJ2459-84 (ribbon cable connector), GB9538-88 (ribbon cable connector).
    Due to the increasing diversity of connector structure, it is more and more difficult to cover a certain type of connector with a naming rule in practice. Another way of thinking is to use Arabia digital combination. The advantage of this method is succinct, convenient for computer management and logo printing for small products. The main connector manufacturers in the world are adopting this method at present. It can be expected that the nomenclature formulated by each manufacturer to reflect its own characteristics will gradually replace the method of uniform industry-wide nomenclature under the planned economic system.
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